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"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

A few years ago, this quote by Victor Hugo became real when I found myself in a place of pain, loss, and depression. I was sitting in my favorite chair, trying to figure out my life after being unemployed for six years due to a freak accident at work.

As I was recovering from my injuries, I realized I no longer wanted to or could not do the work I had been doing for years. It became evident that I needed to reinvent myself. I began searching the internet and asking friends and family for help which brought little to no results.

So, I began soul searching, seeking God for direction. Day after day, week after week, I sought God to clarify how I could use my gifts and talents to empower others to live out their God-given potential and impact the world.

One night before retiring, I asked Jehovah Jireh to give me a phrase consisting of three words that would affect how people thought and lived their lives every day. I enjoy reading the Bible because I believe God's principles can be life-changing when you put them into practice.

"Destiny and time come together."

Then one day, destiny and time came together. God answered my request with the phrase "Believer for Life." How could these words give people hope, value, and joy? In my Ah-ha moment, I considered what Believer 4 Life® meant to me. It represents the good in all of us; being a believer for life gave me hope in my pain, calm in my storms, and comfort in my loss.

Believer 4 Life®

Being a Believer 4 Life® interrupted my darkness and illuminated the light. Life is not always peaches and cream but reveals the bumps and bruises of discouragement, hurt, and pain. That can cost you your lifesaving, personal relationships, and health.

If you desire to grow in your relationship with God, have a better connection with family and friends, and live life more abundantly, you must be ready to do the necessary work to turn your defeat into victory.

I read Joshua 1:8 when God told Joshua if he meditated on and observed to do all that is written in this book (Bible), he shall succeed. I love Jehovah because the only prerequisite to Joshua 1:8 is for you and me to believe and follow the owner's manual to succeed.

"Standing on the promises of G_D"

"Pursue Righteousness" standing on the promises of G_D." is the first book I wrote in my "Believe G_D" series. l share 31 promises and principles to guide you through your transformation process. And as you allow the Holy Spirit to transform your heart, mind, and soul, you will understand the words of the wisest man on the planet King Solomon. He wrote over three-thousand sayings, which you can glean from over and over.

I thought about a story I read from a prayer team member a few days ago (I lead several prayer calls throughout the week). Our theme for the week was "Endurance" from my book "Pursue Righteousness"

Let me share what Ms.J. said, "The Webster dictionary defines endurance as the ability to withstand an unpleasant or difficult situation without giving way.

As we know, athletes are known for their endurance. The late Mohammed Ali is an excellent example of how a boxer can stay in the ring blow after blow without giving way to his opponents.

As believers, we must have the same resilience to stand in faith when we face adversity. When I hear the word endurance, I remember the words of Solomon, "the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither bread to the wise, nor riches to men of understanding, nor favor to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all (Eccl. 9:11).

Ms. J continues by asking us a question; she writes, "How do you and I institute spiritual endurance?" she said, “I develop spiritual endurance by doing these three things consistently. I call this my spiritual strength training. First, I pray without ceasing, secondly, I read my Bible every day, and the last thing I do is participate in church activities (bible study, vacation bible school, and Sunday worship).

Now! As you journey through Holy Week, follow the example of Jesus and endure the cross you carry. So, when trouble comes, you and I can say, I will finish my course with endurance."

Yes! It was Holy Week when Ms. J. encouraged us to navigate our daily challenges by committing to prayer, devotion to God, and fellowship with others.

"Many of our challenges begin in the garden of our minds."

The Bible says as a man thinks, so is he (Proverb 23:7). Many of your challenges and mine begin in the garden of our minds through the subliminal messages we see and hear through all mediums. The systems of this world are orchestrated by the master manipulator himself (Satan). This is why Paul instructs the church to cast down every vain imagination that would exhaust itself against the knowledge of God. (2 Corinthians 10:5)

How do we defeat Satan? By meditating and knowing the Word of God. When Satan tried to get Jesus to focus on His situation, Jesus responded with these words, "It is written" (Matthew 4"4-6). If Jesus, the Son of God, said what was written (in His Humanity), then we must use the Word against that same adversary, the devil.

I want to give you five days of my 30-Day devotional, “Pursue Righteousness.” This book aims to help you clear your mind from the outside noise, quiet your mind to hear the good shepherd's voice and renew your mind with the promises of victory over depression, anxiety, and scarcity. 

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P.S. The Believe G-D series is based on six "P's"- 

1. "Pursue Righteousness" - standing on the promises of G_d

2. Pray Always 

3. Know Your Purpose 

4. God's Plan

5. The key to Perseverance

6. The Passion for Discipleship  

 If you do the work, G-d will complete the work- He began in you. Today see yourself as a Believer 4 Life®, an overcomer no matter what, believe that all things work together for your good. My name is Sherrie T.; I am a Believer 4 Life®.

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F.Y.I., your relationship with Jesus is not a drive-thru experience but a daily experience of listening and following God's instruction for a lifetime.

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I want to give you five days of my 30-Day Devotional, "Pursue Righteousness" - standing on the promises of G_d

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P.S. The Believe G-D series is based on six "P's"- 

1. "Pursue Righteousness"  - standing on the promises of G_d 

2. Pray Always 

3. Know Your Purpose 

4. G-d's Plan

5. The key to Perseverance

6. The Passion for Discipleship  

 If you do the work, G-d will complete the work- He began in you. All things work together for your good.

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